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Spyware & Adware: The Only Way To Really Stop It, And It's FREE!

(Submited by: D. David Dugan)

The net is full of software packages to prevent, clean and remove Spyware & Adware from you PC. Most of these packages cost a substantial amount of money to purchase and keep up to date. If you're anything like me, the last thing you need is another monthly subscription to pay.So what to do then? Top sources all agree that Spyware & Adware are some of the leading causes of computer problems today, and they are right. An infected computer can become almost useless. Often times it is ... Read article

CIA, FBI, NSA Government Covert Surveillance and Conspiracy Theorist Novels

(Submited by: Lance Winslow)

Currently you can go onto the Internet and find conspiracy theorists everywhere, it is amazing indeed. You can find links to Alien Abductions and secret Men in Black websites, which explain how the human race is being controlled and you are next! You can find old Cold War embellishments of covert secret NSA projects and stories of NAZI spies who joined the CIA. If you search you will find secret groups like the Illuminati, Skull and Bones and high-levels of the Masonic Right. Now you must ... Read article

I Think Someone is Following Me

(Submited by: Lance Winslow)

Indeed someone maybe following you; hello I see you have searched on an Internet Search Engine; I Think Someone is Following Me! and perhaps they are. Yet most likely no one is following you. Many people who come up with conspiracy theories suffer as functioning borderline Schizophrenics, dont worry it may not be so bad. It appears that there are quite a few folks like that out there. And if you are one of them, you may find this information quite interesting; Schizophrenics are said to be ... Read article

Conspiracy Theorists Websites; Boo!

(Submited by: Lance Winslow)

As you surf the Internet be careful what you read. Some information out there such as; Conspiracy Theorists Websites are often filled with some pretty tall tales. They sure will talk a good game and they all claim to have secrets to tell you. Generally the Big Secret is they want to sell you a book of some kind, which plays into your fears and attempts to answer questions, which both you and they neither know the answer too.You see, part of the "Secret" of all this is that there is ... Read article

How to Prevent Your Computer from Virus and Spyware Attack

(Submited by: Vinay Rana)

What is a computer virus?Virus is a harmful program which when runs on a computer may alter the information, files and damage data stored in it.How a computer gets infected from virus?1. From Infected Floppy Disk2. From infected files downloaded from website.3. From infected files from a infected CD4. From infected E-mail attachment.5. From running an unknown program or code on your computer.What precautions or measures we can take to ... Read article

Protect Your Identity

(Submited by: Nef Cortez)

Ones FICO score is a very important determinant of the ability to finance the purchase or refinance of a home. The FICO score is determined by a formula developed by Experian and takes into account many different factors. In today's lending environment, automated underwriting has taken a predominant position in the processing of loan applications. It has become more cumbersome to address issues that do not easily fit into the formula. It is of extremely high importance, therefore, to protect ... Read article

Spy Electronics

(Submited by: Kingston Y. amadan)

We use electronics everyday. They have become parts of our lives. We could hardly function without them. And this dependence on electronics extends into the realm of spy gear as well. Spy electronics are necessary to the surveillance profession. Even those who do not consider themselves professionals use spy electronics. This is because they are useful in counter surveillance measures and to do simple, individual things like protect ones home. Spy electronics include anything ... Read article

The Government and Phone Taps

(Submited by: Kingston Y. amadan)

Phone taps are an almost essential part of nearly any investigation. They are very common, and when someone other than the government does a tap on your line, you can usually find it. This is because non-government phone taps usually require some sort of device to be physically present on the scene, or not far from the scene. Because these devices usually involve some sort of a transmitter, you can sweep for phone bugs in order to make sure your home is safe. Government phone ... Read article

Looking for Telephone Bugs

(Submited by: Kingston Y. amadan)

If you are worried about telephone bugs, then you need to make sure that you have the right counter surveillance equipment. This will allow you to protect yourself from eavesdroppers who want to listen in on your conversations. If you want to stay private, then you need to be on the look out for telephone bugs, especially since these bugs may work beyond just your phone calls and May, in fact, also double as room monitors. The first piece of equipment you need when searching ... Read article

Protect Yourself with a Spy Phone

(Submited by: Kingston Y. amadan)

Are you worried that someone will talk to you and then renege on a verbal agreement? Has someone been making threats to you? You can get all the evidence you need when you use a spy phone to record all of your conversations. There are a variety of devices that can help you turn your own phone into a spy phone. And this will help you record your conversations and can help you use them to ensure that all agreements are carried out and that you can prove when threats are made against ... Read article

Listening in With Cell Phone Bugs

(Submited by: Kingston Y. amadan)

Phone bugs are among the most used spy gadgets. It only makes sense that the use of cell phone bugs is on the rise. Everyone has a cell phone, and they are relatively easy to access using listening devices. Some cell phone bugs are the cell phones themselves. There are a wide variety of bugs that look like cell phones but really act as covert listening devices. And there are even some that work, in varying degrees, like regular cell phones but double as listening devices. If you are ... Read article

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