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Spyware Definitions List

(Submited by: Gary Gresham)

The adware and spyware definitions list is very long. But the definitions listed below are the most common ones. This is a glossary of spyware facts and terms so you'll know what these malicious programs are and what they can do to your computer. Adware Adware components are generally installed along with a shareware or freeware programs you download. The adware developer creates pop up windows that generate advertisement revenue for them. Most adware components are ... Read article

Is Spyware Watching You?

(Submited by: Jim Edwards)

(c) Jim Edwards - All Rights reserved -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from a friend who told me he'd been the victim of a "spyware" attack that left him shaking at his loss of privacy. I listened to his horror story with a sympathetic ear, but I felt secure since I carry anti-virus software and a firewall (both ... Read article

GoogSpy: Business Counter Intelligence for Everyone

(Submited by: Sandra Stammberger)

Copyright 2005 Sandra Stammberger So, you want to know what your competitors are up to these days, or maybe you want to research a keyword campaign that will rank you at the top of the heap for whatever product or service you're selling? Meet GoogSpy, a special search engine that not only shows you what Google AdWords your competitors are buying, but it will display all of the search terms that rank them in the top 10, PLUS it even displays their top 25 ... Read article

10 Things To Do For A Healthy & Secure PC

(Submited by: Darren Miller)

Many who read this article may find these recommendations to be old news. However, think about the number family, friends, and associates that ask you for help fixing their PC and I believe you will understand why I chose to write this article..This list of recommendations for a healthy & secure PC is by no means a complete list of everything you can and should do. It is however a great start if you want to keep your computer running properly for an acceptable period of time. ... Read article

Baseball, Apple Pie and Eavesdropping

(Submited by: J. Barbour)

Last summer the Federal Government subpoenaed the search records of at least the two largest search engines, Google and Yahoo. Yahoo complied with the subpoena and handed over the records. But Google refused.As a result of Googles non-compliance, U.S. Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has asked a Federal Judge in San Jose, California to force Googles hand.The way I figure, if I dont do anything that warrants the attention of law enforcement, I wont be a target of their ... Read article

Security of Information

(Submited by: Tim Johnson)

The continued growth and increased accessibility of the Internet has brought with it numerous advantages to nearly all facets of modern life. Individuals can now find a wealth of information on the widest array of topics simply by typing a few words into a well-tuned Search Engine such as Google or Yahoo. It has become easier for consumers to purchase goods from distant stores and has brought the markets of the city to the doorsteps of rural communities. The Internet has shrunk the world, ... Read article

Spyware Remover Protect Your Computer from Spyware

(Submited by: David Chandler)

Spyware - this is one of the biggest threats to security and privacy in the internet today. Spyware intrude, break and enter our computers and pose a great threat especially with more malicious spywares. Leaving a home or business computer unprotected from spyware is just like leaving the front door open to intruders. The internet was not designed with security checks in place, that is why spywares have spread unchecked and now pose a big threat to the security and privacy of millions of ... Read article

Catch A Burglar, Safely And Secretly

(Submited by: Laura Hite)

In 2004 2.1 million burglary offenses occurred in the United States. Of those less than 15% of criminals were arrested.One reason the arrest rate is so low is because burglaries often happen when no one is home or around to witness.The reality is most people cannot physically monitor their home, or office at all times without installing a monitoring system and paying costly monitoring fees.Monitoring companies are not a solution for everyone. The new business owner, ... Read article

Are You Safe From Hackers?

(Submited by: Charles Truett)

We don't use E-gold very often since most of our online business and customer sales are conducted through our online merchant account. However, we occasionally have someone who will request paying by E-gold so we keep an account there for this reason. Once a month or so we withdraw the funds and decided to do so yesterday. Imagine our dismay when we logged into our E-gold account yesterday and found our balance to be a big fat ZERO! We had checked the balance just a few days ago so we knew ... Read article

Protecting Ourselves on the Internet, 4 Commensense Things to Remember

(Submited by: Mike Hazelwood)

The Internet has changed so much in the last few years. I can remember not to long ago when a person could safely chart his course through the Internet safely and easily, but now the Internet has changed for the worse for the uninformed user. Today, the Internet is full of spy ware, Internet hijackers, dialers and online stalkers. So what can we do to curve the possibilities of being overtaken with these nasty Internet bugs?The first thing and most important is never ever open an ... Read article

Free Computer Security Software A Leaking Seal!

(Submited by: Msingathi Mnyengeza)

There is nothing wrong with taking less than adequate measures to prevent a bigger damage to anything you treasure if you have financial or other constraints, as long as this is done temporarily over a short time. Similar reasoning applies when it comes to computer security threats.Unfortunately some (if not most) computer users tend to forget this. They search on the internet for free computer security software which they dump into their computers and hope for the best. Most of ... Read article

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