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All About Spyware

(Submited by: J. Barbour)

Youve heard about and, you know its bad. We hear alarming statistics like over 90% of personal computers are already compromised by spyware and spyware and other potentially unwanted programs are rapidly becoming the number one threat to business systems. But just what is it?According to McAfee Inc., the leader in spyware protection solutions:Spyware is any software whose function includes the transmission of company or personal information to a third party without their ... Read article

All About Adware

(Submited by: J. Barbour)

In a previous article, titled All About Spyware, I detailed exactly what spyware was, how it can harm you and your computer and ways to avoid getting spyware on your computer. Now I want to turn my attention to adware.Many describe adware as the lesser of the two evils compared to spyware. And for the most part, that is general true. However, many forms of adware are just as destructive as spyware, and can cause you a great deal of time and aggravation trying to get rid of it ... Read article

Spyware Removal Guide- Choose the Best Spyware Removal Application

(Submited by: Sardool Sikandar)

Spyware refers to software that collects useful information from your personal computer and sends to another computer without your permission. The term spyware is different from viruses and worms because it doesnt self-replicate however it is designed to make use of infected computers for some commercial gain. Main motive of spyware is to deliver unwanted pop-up advertisements and theft of confidential information. It may cause Internet connection failure and some printing problems. Spyware ... Read article

Is Online Banking Safe?

(Submited by: Paul Cris)

Online banking has come of age. The security systems are very high and the transactions are done through secured socket layer. The bank security is rarely breached.The main problem with online banking is the computer at home, office or cyber caf where the transaction is done online, which creates the problem. Computers can be easily hacked and the passwords can be stolen by professional hackers. Computers with windows software are vulnerable. If a hacker breaches your computers ... Read article

Hidden Cameras For Pets

(Submited by: Steven Gillman)

You can find hidden cameras for all sorts of purposes now. They come in all sorts of things too. You can get teddy bears with a camera in the nose, to watch the babysitter. A pack of cigarettes that is actually a camera can record your conversations. However, there is one camera invention that I haven't yet seen marketed: hidden pet cameras.I imagine it has been done a number of times by those who play with - I mean work with - surveillance equipment. It seems a natural thing to look ... Read article

Custom-Made Keyloggers As an Instrument of Cybercrime Too Easy to Make and Use

(Submited by: Alexandra Gamanenko)

In only a couple of years we computer users have learned a lot about online threats. There is no need to explain what "spyware" means -- we all know it. Or do we?If software collects information without users' knowledge and transmits it, such a program is usually automatically labeled "spyware" no matter how valuable this information is. It can be either relatively innocuous code for gathering users' browsing habits -- or extremely dangerous software created specially for unsolicited ... Read article

Digital Spy Cams

(Submited by: Max Bellamy)

The spy camera industry has evolved quite a bit over the last decade. People dont want the old big cameras anymore; they want smaller and better cameras. Analog technology is no longer used, and the word digital is a must-have in any electronic device nowadays. Thats why even spy cams now have digital functions, digital display possibilities, and other new digital extras. It can be difficult to choose which digital camera to buy. Basically, the purpose of all digital spy cameras is the same, ... Read article

Hidden Spy Cams

(Submited by: Max Bellamy)

Ever since the popular television show Candid Camera was first aired, people became more aware of the possibility of hiding a camera to spy on somebody. This fascination with seeing peoples unguarded moments, combined with the technological advances in video recording tools gave rise to the hidden spy cam industry. Camera manufacturers had to take into account that people wanted to have similar equipment to the type seen in spy movies and on television.There are various reasons to ... Read article

Pinhole Spy Cameras

(Submited by: Max Bellamy)

Pinhole spy cameras are defined as state of the art cameras that are so small that they can be hidden inside a picture frame, a stuffed animal, a lamp, or anything else. Most of them are as small as a quarter, and some even newer models are smaller. As one can imagine, the lens is not as big as the spy cam but offers a wide viewing range and is practically the only part of the spying instrument that cannot be hidden. Since the camera is so small and can be hidden, they are virtually ... Read article

Spy Camera Software

(Submited by: Max Bellamy)

There are two types of spy camera software that are completely different from each other. Firstly, it is the software needed to run spy cameras, and secondly, it is certain software programs available to the public that eliminate the need for a private investigator.The software needed to operate a spy cam comes with the package and rarely creates any problems, so that type of spy camera software is relatively simple. Other types of spy software programs have a totally different ... Read article

Spy Camera Surveillance

(Submited by: Max Bellamy)

As time passes, and societys need for increased security advances, limitations in current technology become apparent. Police officers on the job, private eyes who need to satisfy their customers, and private citizens who want to keep their property secure all need state of the art surveillance equipment. Several companies recognized the demand and began manufacturing sophisticated spy camera surveillance supplies. This industry evolves with each passing year, delivering more versatile models ... Read article

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