Street Fighting: How to win any fight in under 3 minutes.
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New Instant Download eBooks Shows You How To Stop Any Attacker 
Dead In His Tracks.. WARNING: This May Not Be For You!

It doesn't matter what you know about martial arts or self defense.


Have you ever had a pistol stuffed in your face by a desperate drug addict? Ever been in a knife fight, empty handed? Been clubbed over the head by a stolen police baton? Or nearly beaten to death by 3 guys twice your size?

I have. 

It's not something I'm proud of, and its not what was necessarily my fault. But if you're alive long enough in this world you learn that sometimes Shit happens. It's real on the street, it's bad, and it's like nothing like what they teach in Karate schools.

Do you really think your training could pull you through what I've just described? Please don't take offense, but I seriously doubt it.

Here's why: I had 2 black belts when the above happened to me. I was tough, trained, and was an aggressive sparrer. I've worked in security, my whole life. I learned the hard way that sometimes certifications, pieces of paper on the wall and belts don't mean squat - all that counts is what they can do!

Unfortunately violence can happen anywhere, and itís your responsibility to have the skills to protect yourself, your family, your friends, and your community.

Itís your duty to protect yourself and the ones you love and best of all you donít need to spend years of wasted time in a martial arts school, you donít need to wear any stupid uniforms, you donít have to call your instructor, ďmasterĒ and you donít have to waste thousands of dollars on training, just for a black belt.


In my new eBooks you can't get anywhere else, I'll show you what I've learned works on the street. What you are about to download will SHOCK and THRILL you at the same time, because when you're about to be SLAUGHTERED or ROBBED..


When you download my guides you'll instantly discover:

You Are About To Discover:

Inside this exciting turbo charged course you'll get:

  • How to easily and effectively destroy your attackers eyesight! - Get this extreme no holds barred move that's barred in the UFC. We show you how to rip out an attackerís eyes, making them defenseless and useless crybabies who will no longer try to hurt you!
  • How to dislocate shoulders with two power moves! - Discover how to overwhelm your attacker and put him in a state of shock and panic when you dislocate his shoulders making his arms utterly useless. This is an extremely devastating move and it will stop anyone.
  • How to break your attackers knee caps and rip apart his cartilage and nerves! - Discover how to break and rip apart any violent attacker's kneecaps, rendering them useless and unable to continue fighting you! Best of all it's extremely easy!
  • Discover the 4 key areas to strike on the face! You can cause a lot more damage to the face then you would with just striking it. I uncover the simple moves that will cause breakage and swelling in the face.
  • We reveal the 7 natural weapons you have on your body! - Dig deep into these no holds barred secrets that show you how to use your body as a dangerous weapon. We show you which body parts to use for maximum damage and results on the street!
  • Discover a household tool you can use as a self defense weapon! Inside you'll discover an amazingly simple little household tool you can use as a knife and conceal. You will never be charged for carrying this weapon, since it's just a common tool!

  • How to use this special kick that will permanently turn anyone into a cripple! Learn this devastating kick that will destroy a persons back turning them into a handicapped cripple that won't be able to fight you any longer!
  • Think the male groin is the only area to strike? Find other 20 locations only in this guide! We show you 20 simple areas you can strike that will cause an explosive amount of pain and shock in any dangerous thug.
  • How to dislocate and even break an ankle! Watch your attacker fall to the ground in extreme pain as he lays there utterly useless and unable to walk or continue fighting when you destroy his ankle. This is an extremely powerful technique!
  • What to do if a fight goes to a ground and how to protect yourself if the attacker is on top! Don't worry, you don't need a black belt in Brazilian Jujitsu to know how to defend and protect yourself on the ground!
  • You don't have to be fast, skilled or in fighting shape! The best part about this course is the fact that these deadly techniques are completely natural that even a senior citizen could use them to defend himself.
  • You don't need to train for months and months to master these techniques! I'm sure you don't have tons of time to waste every day because you're a busy person! That's why you can become a killing machine with this unique combat system in under two weeks, training only half an hour, 3 days a week!
  • There are no uniforms, religion or funny customs and no monthly fees! This 'aint martial arts and there is nothing to do with customs, religion, you don't have to wear a uniform and you don't have to bow down to your masters. What you get is a complete no holds barred street defense system that shows you how to escape any violent confrontation alive!
  • You don't need to learn complex techniques! We only give you 20 power moves so you don't have to know thousands of moves and blocks! All of these techniques are extremely devastating and can be mastered within a few hours!

Here's What Others Are Saying..

"I've been interested in mixed martial arts and street fighting for quite a while now and I've been interested in training at home since karate classes are too expensive. Anyways I got your how to win a fight in under 3 minutes guide and I never knew all those targets on the body or the pressure points you teach. Everything you gave me is awesome. I appreciate your honesty and integrity and I enjoy your newsletters too. If you come out with any new guides please let me know about them." - Jared Cureatz, British Columbia, Canada


"I have been a professional security guard for the past 2 years all over Vancouver and I have had to fight for my life against people bigger then me, fucked up on drugs, armed with sticks and knives and I have survived these attacks with excellent results. I guess I owe it to your book you teach some serious moves in there that I have used to disable people until the police could arrive. Thanks for your book Steve your a great instructor." - Bryce Palmer


"The ideas and techniques in your guide are out of this world Steve. I've been in Karate for 5 years and they never taught us any of these moves! Your emails are good and your guides have so much valuable fighting moves that I'm seriously thinking of quitting Karate! What a waste of time!" - Suzanne Wood



"Hi Steve... I live in a rough neighborhood and I can't afford martial arts lessons but since reading your newsletter I've learned that traditional martial arts are useless so I went ahead and got your guides. You can post this on your website because you did a good job and I feel truly sorry for any scumbag who is on the receiving end of your fighting moves. THANK YOU! - Darren Lebedoff

Take This Complete Fighting System For A Free Test 
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I want you to take my fighting system, and fight manuals for a RISK-FREE test drive for the next 90 days. I am so confident in my abilities to turn you into a deadly fighting machine, that I will let you download my entire package, and give you all the bonuses, protected with a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for a full 60 days.

Try asking for a money back guarantee at a martial arts school or self defense class and youíll get laughed at all the way back out the door. I truly believe in my abilities as an instructor and want you to stay safe and have real life fighting skills, instead of the garbage being pitched everywhere else.

What would secrets like this be worth to you? Probably hundreds of dollars, but you can instantly download all of them for the bargain basement price of now only $67.. But when you download before midnight tonight I'll slash the price to now only.. $29.97
I know that this will be the most invaluable training guides you'll ever read. The How To Fight And Win course is quite simply the best on the planet!

Download Today And Iíll Also Give You A Huge Collection Of Valuable Bonuses Ė 100% FREE!

This complete self defense package is stuffed full of great advice, training techniques, over 120 strikes, and the bonuses Iím about to share with you have even more in depth fighting techniques that you wonít be able to find anywhere else online.

By downloading my guide today Iíll give you a $197 in bonuses, just to make this offer even better and more exciting for you. This is your reward for acting fast and being one of the next 20, 13, 7 people to download my manuals.  


Limited Bonus #1 - Lifetime Membership To The Inner Circle eZine! - You'll get my weekly free newsletter emailed to you! I answer all your burning questions about self defense and home security as well as give you even more techniques and training -- FREE! ($97 value)  
Free Bonus #2 - The Complete Guide To Kempo Jujitsu! - In this amazing 115 page guide, youíll get over a 100 photos of all major self defense moves, and how to get out of deadly situations alive and unhurt. This is a must have guide for every martial artist. ($67 value)
Rare Bonus #3 - The Complete Japanese Martial Arts Guide! - Over 80 pages of intensive information about all the different types of martial arts of Japan. If you are looking into joining a martial art but don't know what to do, read this guide first!
Amazing Bonus #4 - Read 3 Special Reports Written By Bruce Lee! -  Now you can read 3 shocking reports about Jeet Kune Do, Bruce's personal life and training and workout routines, turning you into a deadlier and more efficient fighter!

So to summarize, youíve read all about me and understand the history with my martial arts training, and experience with street fighting. You also know my background and my attitude on fighting.

Remember youíll get access to $97.00 worth of training in one simple download when you act NOW instead of beating around the bush, or joining some bunk martial arts classes. You get 4 amazing bonuses plus mytraining manuals. I know youíre going to love this stuff and remember you get every single new update of this package.. FREE!

YES! Teach me how to protect myself from violent criminals on the streets and show me the worlds simplest, and 
most devastating Filthy Fighting Secrets by
instant download Right Now!

Click here to download now!


Self Defense Combat System Creator

P.S. - These are really devastating techniques that when used, will take an attacker down and under your control in under 30 seconds, even if your out of shape, have never been in a fight before, or have never been in martial arts! It's cheaper then taking classes, and more effective then any martial arts style known to man. Download these secret techniques right now and become a powerful fighting machine that can protect you on today's mean streets!

P.P.S. - You're getting instant download access to the entire package valued at over $329.00 plus the free bonuses for one small price! You are getting an intense battle ready report that's over stuffed with amazing moves for breaking bones and dislocating joints and more! You will be very protected on the street with the new skills you're about to learn instantly!   

"I'm a personal friend of Steve and I'll tell you a little about him.. First of all he has been a martial artist for his whole life. Me and him have been in some sick scraps and he knows how to beat the hell out of people. He has 2 blackbelts, one in Judo and the other in Taekwondo. He has trained in the Jeetkunedo style for years. Not only that but he's been a bouncer at the biggest club in our city for the past 2 years. He is an honest, reputable guy and an amazing fighter, and the stuff he has in his guide should be banned. If you are into the sports format of fighting then don't buy this guide. If you are a street fighter or want to learn self defense, congratulations my friend, these guides will change your life!" - Chris McConnel


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