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NOTE: This section of our site is considered highly experimental. Most scientists now agree that time travel is possible. The theory of relativity allows it. The plans on this page are written by the inventor of the the Hyperdimensional Resonator listed on this page. They are not the words of us at STL. We can say that the machine seems to induce out of body experiences in most users almost immediately. When out of your body it is possible to travel in time and space with your astral body and witness or experience events in time. This technology is real and has been experienced by hundreads of people worldwide.


Hyper Dimensional Resonator

This Hyper-Dimensional Resonator hooks up to the head of the user and by setting the dial, it will allow it's user to spontaneously astral project. And once your able to astral project, you can travel in space and time either to the future or the past. This is no joke!! Plugs into a normal 110 volt outlet. More Info
Ready to use: $500.00 - Click Here for ordering information

Time Travel Plans

Philadelphia Experiment reconstruction
Contains schematics and diagrams, plus Grid point information. PLANS: $25.00

Time Travel Machines
Contains schematics and diagrams of devices which can actually be used for physical or out of body time travel! PLANS: $25.00

Time Travelers Compendium
Shows how to build the (STB-60), the Ectoplasmic Oscillator, and more! PLANS: $25.00

Chronological Discoveries
Solves the mystery of the pyramid. Shows you how to construct a Cosmic Diode, plus info on how to convert a Tesla coil into a time travel machine.

PLANS: $25.00

Time Travel Physics
Shows you how to construct the amazing Chronological Time Reflector. Also contains info on a device which was given to me by an actual time traveler.

PLANS: $25.00

Time Portals
If you wish to travel physically through time, then this is the report for you. Shows you how to construct 3 different Time Portals. Also contains information on how to construct an artificial Grid point.

PLANS: $25.00

The Zero Vector
Shows you how to construct the Flux Capacitor, the (TPR4), the (STR-40), the Plasmatron Oscillator, the Fluxatron, and more! This report is totally awsome! This is the real thing. plans #VECT plans - $25.00 PLANS: $25.00

Riddle of Time 9th Key
The information contained in this report almost cost me my life. Shows you how to construct the Demat Cannon, the Hyperspace Time Portal, the Multi-Verse Resonator and the Space-Time Collector.

PLANS: $25.00

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