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Ion Propulsion Motor

Step by step plans show you how to build several different types of ion propulsion motors. The motors will spin by ion propulsion alone and have served as a test bed for much of our research into ion propulsion antigravity systems. Plans contain photos and diagrams for construction. It is easy to build and contains a parts list to help you find all the necessary parts. To power the ion motor you will need a high voltage power supply of at least 20 kvdc. We also sell these as plans(item# HIDC) and fully assembled(item# HIDZ). PLANS: $20.00

Ready to use: $380.00 - Click Here for ordering information




Hamel Generator Plans

We have compiled all our info on David Hamel's free-energy and antigravity engine info into a great set of plans full of details on building your own. Its been called the poor mans Searl Disc. This design is so simple that it can be built from magnets available at Radio Shack! Allows anyone to duplicate Hamels original generator that created huge amounts of energy and then flew into the air from its electrogravity field! Also contains info about how and where he got the ideas from. PLANS: $30.00




Carr flying saucer

Otis T. Carr back in the 1950's developed an antigravity flying saucer which he claimed could reach the moon in 12 hours. Apparently his device even generated its own Free Energy to power the craft as it flew. The technology had mysteriously dissapeared from public view until now! This booklet is packed with articles, interview transcripts, detailed diagrams and photos of his device. Also includes a copy of Carr's U.S. patent. PLANS: $30.00




Space Warp Experiment

Possibly a new form of propulsion using strange new energy. Scaled up versions could theoretically lift several tons! Simple experiment for reproducing this effect. PLANS: $15.00


Antigravity Projects

Jammed full of plans and diagrams for building antigravity craft, levitators, ionocraft, anti-inertia drives and your own mock spaceship! More Info PLANS: $25.00




Ionocraft plans

' Newly revised. Use this proven electrical phenomemn to demonstrate anti-gravity levitation of small craft. Larger versions could easily exceed the lifting efficiency of modern helicopters. Completely Solid-State with no moving parts. Includes complete copies of 2 ion propulsion patents. PLANS: $25.00




Antigravity Patents

Complete compilation of suppressed anti-gravity and flying saucer patents actually on file with the U.S. government. Many of these devices are designed for multiple occupants. Build one yourself. PLANS: $50.00




Magnetic Levitator

Focused magnetic field coils allow you to suspend small objects in mid air and levitate them without any visible means. Low power consumption allows them virtually indefinate suspension times. PLANS: $20.00

Ready to use: $235.00 - Click Here for ordering information




Antigravity Craft

Its finally here! This 3 ft triangular antigravity disc can take off and land vertically, it can hover, tilt and bank in mid-air and land again. It uses no moving parts or propellers. Works on ionocraft principle as explained in our #IONO plans. The anti gravity disc runs on 12 volts DC which is used to power a high voltage power supply. This power supply produces approximately 20,000 volts DC and is identical to our #HIDZ unit. The primary means of lift is ion propulsion. High energy ions are ejected from the bottom of the craft which interact with surrounding air molecules to produce thrust. The craft is tethered to its power supply by light weight magnet wire, but future versions will be designed to carry their own power source and batteries. The craft can be made to tilt about on its axis and fly in any direction. The maximum lifting capacity of the craft is determined by the surface area and size. While in flight the high voltage ions can cause interference with electrical devices in close proximity to the craft. This is a great showpiece for the technology and also makes a great window display and conversation piece. We are the only company in the world to offer a working antigravity craft for sale. Yes this is FOR REAL! We hope to sell enough of these to help raise money to build a 12ft triangular craft! (Photos and downloadable video clips coming soon)
Ready to use: $1500.00 - Click Here for ordering information



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