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Covert Hypnosis & Mind Control

Covert Hypnosis

Covert Hypnosis is the art of secretly hypnotizing someone without their knowledge of it. This is achieved in various ways through casual conversation, and is thus, needless to say, highly controversial. Many people ask "Is this possible?" or "Does this really work?" The simple answer is, yes. Anyone with the proper training and experience can covertly hypnotize someone, as it has been used by military intelligence in covert operations for years.

The highly guarded secrets of covert hypnosis have eluded the public for years. All but the few top advertisement executives (that hired former intelligence agents) have been "in the dark" to it's powerful effects. Anyone wondering how British "Showman" Derren Brown can get seemingly highly educated and intelligent people to conform to his will and do whatever he wants them to need wonder no more. His television specials being some of the best examples of how extremely powerful covert hypnosis is in proper use, with the right training.

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Hypnotize SomeoneSeasoned practitioners know that it takes not only the right words, mental tricks and speech patterns, but also body language, hand gestures (that bypass the conscious mind, yet speak directly to the subconscious), and many other "insider tricks". One of the most important goals being to get the target person to think that it was their own idea to do whatever it is you want them to. This has been proven to work in many different situations, from manipulating someone to strongly desire to cheat on their spouse with you to influencing people to trust and promote you in the business world. Another powerful method is conditioning the person to really want to do everything they can for you, simply because they "Really like that guy" or "He reminds me of myself" - and who doesn't love to help themselves.

The truth is that you simply don't need television, animated computer graphics, subliminal messages implanted into music, or any other "high tech" method for covert hypnosis to successfully manipulate your target. Although some of the above methods have shown promise, there is simply no substitute for covert hypnosis on a conversational level. This is for two main reasons:

Firstly, because university studies have proven that people are more emotionally influenced by direct person to person communication and interaction. Not only does this effect them on a deeper, emotional level that mediums like television simply cannot, the subjects also report that they feel like they are being talked to - and not talked at. They also reported feeling a sense of being given a choice of multiple options, when they simply were not. They chose what the person influencing them wanted them to every time, whilst thinking that they were making an independent, self chosen, analytical decision.

Secondly, because no film viewed or music heard with subliminal messaging can compare to one who knows the highly tested techniques that anyone well educated in these arts seeks to master. These methods are the so called "missing link" between simple mind tricks and gimmicks used by ad executives and the seemingly unstoppable techniques used by the professions in this field. Author Steven Hall equates attempting covert hypnosis without these methods to "Trying to go canoeing with a skateboard."

Unlike other books and systems advertised on the internet that are full of simple "parlor tricks" and bogus "hypnosis" scripts, we have a proven, no nonsense system, created by two of the founders of the true covert hypnosis techniques. Both Igor Ledochowski and Dr. Milton H. Erickson, MD, Ph.D. are the two renowned "Godfather's" in the field of covert hypnosis. Erickson himself has spent 60+ years creating, learning and testing these techniques.

Our system is so powerful that the Milton H. Erickson Foundation, Inc. (a foundation dedicated to preserving some of his work) tried to have it BANNED, as they were so scared of having their highly guarded secrets and techniques being made available to the public! They want to keep the most powerful secrets, techniques and information all to themselves. However, we believe that ordinary people, like you, should have access to the same powerful techniques that others have hidden away and whispered about. After all, why should such powerful information be available only to governments, huge corporations and a handful of power mad psychologists?

With our system, you will soon be hypnotizing people in everyday situations, without their knowledge of it. They won't even have a clue. You'll also learn how to instantly develop a deep connection with people that will have you almost "knowing" exactly what they're thinking. And how to make anyone, even complete strangers, willing to tell you their deepest, darkest secrets. You'll also learn how to make the most rude and obnoxious person completely change their attitude towards you, they'll be eating out of your hand within a few minutes.

Again, these are the most sought after, proven and powerful secrets of everyday hypnosis. Before releasing this information, Ledochowski was reportedly offered the sum of two million pounds (that's over 3 million dollars) to teach a wealthy oil billionaire his secrets. When we say that this system is highly powerful, we're not kidding.

We have now partnered with Leading Hypnotist Igor Ledochowski himself to create the most comprehensive, straight forward and easy to learn program that will have you practicing the powerful and proven techniques of covert hypnosis in everyday life as soon as possible. In no time you will know the power of these techniques first hand, if you're serious about controlling others, then click here to learn more now.

Surveillance Equipment - Privacy Protection - Covert Video Equipment - Need a New Identity? - Fake ID - Covert Weaponry
Covert Hypnosis - Investigations and Special Services - Private Investigation Training Course - Books
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